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Sleeping Aids

Featured Sleeping Aids Products

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Sleep is just as important to the human body as eating or breathing, and when we do not get enough of it, we can become unproductive, moody, aggravated, irritable, and obviously – tired! No one wants to be any of these qualities which is why Vitamin Bay have a huge range of Herbal Sleeping Tablets to help you fall naturally into a deep sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised every morning.

With Natural Sleeping Pills, as ingredients are ‘all-natural’ there should be no side effects. Many worry about addiction when it comes to sleeping tablets, but those that are all natural simply help you drift off naturally without the use of addictive ingredients.

Vitamin Bay stock some of the Best Sleeping Tablets on the market from brands such as Kalms, Cherry Active (which although generally used to reduce inflammation of Gout, cherry has been scientifically proven to help aid sleep via its properties within the potent cherries it uses) and HealthAid to name a few.

There are alternatives to Sleeping Pills UK if you are truly against using them, like Dr Bach Fast Asleep for instance. Simply spray it on to the tongue for the unique formulation to help promote deeply relaxed nights. Consider aromatherapy to help aid calm, relaxation and sleep with oils from Absolute Aromas or there are also Sleep Patch It - patches that contain a range of aromatherapy oils that are placed on the soles of the feet and work off the idea of reflexology to support natural sleep - all of which are available here at Vitamin Bay.